Advisory & Strategy

Technology driven, business first, strategic leadership

Technology for technology’s sake most often ends in disappointment, unnecessary spend, and continued inefficiencies in business. To ensure our clients take the correct path, our commitment and guiding principle is “your business objectives first, always.” This maniacal focus on the objective sits at the intersection of installed legacy and leading cloud technologies and applies time-tested methodologies to craft compelling strategic plans.

We are creative thought-leaders and industry technology experts who put the client’s interest ahead of our own. We listen, then we engage – we provide change where and when it’s needed… no more, no less.


With cross-functional expertise in software, hardware, and connectivity, our team of experts has a firsthand understanding of how these areas intersect in both legacy systems and the cloud. We approach every project with an operations mindset and leverage our extensive experience and insights to help your business make effective changes. Our goal is to help you think beyond today and achieve your objectives in a way that works best for you.

Explore our Advisory & Strategy solutions below:

01 Operational Strategy

We thrive on being problem solvers. Technology is an integral part of all operating components of an organization. These organizations need an executable strategy that creates synergies between the unique business needs of the company and its technology vision and implementation.

GreenEcho experts work with you on your business strategy, cloud-technology selection, and development of a customized implementation roadmap bringing an interactive, collaborative approach. Our seasoned consultants will spend time listening to you, then iterating, and solving your most simple to your most complex needs.

02 Technology Roadmap Development

Providing guidance for every step. Moving to or extending your adoption of cloud-computing can be a daunting and stressful endeavor. By leveraging GreenEcho, you will have a partner that is sensitive to these fears and concerns. We will build a technology roadmap sitting side by side with you and guide you each step of the way.

Through this collaborative approach, we will avoid the pitfalls of missed requirements, misaligned business and end user needs, and deliver a flexible approach based on years of experience. Unlike many consulting companies, we actually have executives within GreenEcho that have been successful CIO’s and Senior IT Executives in businesses just like yours.

03 Project Management & Governance

Balancing data with design, in the most client focused way possible. Adopting a vision and developing a roadmap is only the beginning. GreenEcho brings tremendous project delivery experience to the table. In our experience, 100% of projects that run into problems encounter the first red flags within the first 10% of the project’s timeline.

As such, GreenEcho utilizes a hybrid agile/waterfall project delivery approach to protect against such risks while providing the flexibility to react to changing circumstances. By proactively searching for risks and identifying potential pitfalls, GreenEcho helps insulate you from implementation failures. The ability to readily identify these project risks comes from many years of project delivery experience.

04 Change Management

Effective transformation balanced by leadership and performance. Change management is an often overlooked, critical component of technology delivery initiatives. Many projects proceed on the faulty supposition that because the solution is new it is better than the status quo; and it will inevitably translate to rapid adoption and success.
GreenEcho understands that there are many stakeholders, gatekeepers, naysayers and skeptics with differing appetites for change. We will work with you to craft and implement a clear, concise change management blueprint that addresses overt communication, subtle feedback channels, and promotes open collaboration and dialog.

05 Process Innovation

We know where to innovate and where change is not needed. Today’s ever-changing business environment, and the increasing complexity and proliferation of high-impact technologies such as analytics, cloud computing, software-as-a-service and mobility, pose tough challenges to management teams.
To address them, companies in all industries are focusing more attention and resources on business process management (BPM). GreenEcho prides itself on knowing where to innovate, when to innovate and what not to change. We tighten up technologies, launch people into action through change management and make quick adjustments to both.
Business process management is a way to provide companies with the tools and skills they need to quickly respond to marketplace developments. GreenEcho’s BPM team helps organizations establish a value-driven BPM capability, translating business strategy into IT and people-based execution. This enables companies to make smart decisions and execute them quickly.

06 Mergers & Acquisitions

It’s more than just looking at the numbers. In today’s fast paced business climate, successful growing companies continue to search for synergistic companies to acquire to increase shareholder value.
As part of the strategy of any successful merger or acquisition, careful consideration and identification of opportunities to eliminate redundant costs, identify strengths and weakness of both parties, and establish a well thought out technology roadmap is critical. GreenEcho has the experience and expertise to not only help our clients with the short term integration demands but also the experience to support and execute the long term strategic vision.
Whether you need help sourcing your next acquisition, managing the process, reviewing what you already have, or preparing for sale, our expert experience ensures the process runs smoothly with results that work for you. Diligence and support at every level is the groundwork for a process that achieves your goals.