Back-up Advisory

Technology driven, business first, strategic leadership

Technology for technology’s sake most often ends in disappointment, unnecessary spend, and continued inefficiencies in business. To ensure our clients take the correct path, our commitment and guiding principle is “your business objectives first, always.” This maniacal focus on the objective sits at the intersection of installed legacy and leading cloud technologies and applies time-tested methodologies to craft compelling strategic plans.


We are creative thought-leaders and industry technology experts who put the client’s interest ahead of our own. We listen, then we engage – we provide change where and when it’s needed… no more, no less.

With cross-functional expertise in software, hardware, and connectivity, our team of experts has a firsthand understanding of how these areas intersect in both legacy systems and the cloud. We approach every project with an operations mindset and leverage our extensive experience and insights to help your business make effective changes. Our goal is to help you think beyond today and achieve your objectives in a way that works best for you.