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GreenEcho Provides Strategic Leadership to the Nation’s Largest Waste Management Company

GreenEcho was asked to perform business analysis services for this waste management company. The project is complex and touches all aspects of the company’s operations. GreenEcho’s leadership has enabled the company to reduce its reliance on other third party vendors, reduce costs, and enjoy increased capabilities. With GreenEcho’s knowledge and expertise, we are able to greatly reduce the time… continue reading.

GreenEcho Services the Country’s Largest Apartment Management Company

The largest real estate apartment management company in the United States approached GreenEcho to assist in a strategic transformation of its embedded environment. GreenEcho was asked to provide day to day operational support of the company’s environment, and also was asked to provide strategic vision and direction of the cloud solution within the company. We continue to work with… continue reading.

Major International Restaurant Conglomerate Leverages GreenEcho Operational Advisory Services

Technology is an integral part of all operating components of an organization. This organization needed an executable strategy that created synergies between the unique business needs of the company and its technology vision and implementation. GreenEcho worked with the executive suite to deeply understand the business strategy, existing technologies and cloud-technologies, the IT Organization, and developed iterative process improvements and… continue reading.