Complete IT Management

We provide worry-free fully managed IT solutions

GreenEcho (GE) provides active IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions to small business and billion-dollar companies alike, and has done so since 2008. Managing your complex IT infrastructure becomes simple, easily accessible and affordable, freeing you to build your business.

Hiring full-time IT staff to manage technology for most businesses and organizations distracts from their core mission, is overly expensive, and is an inefficient resource. Though there are many well run internal IT departments, more often than not, IT staff are reactive, fixing issues as they arise with significant down time in between.

Maintaining the most capable security, monitoring the health of the network and connected devices and proactively assessing tomorrows needs can be tough with limited internal IT resources.

Innovative IT solutions, simplified.

The key is real time monitoring, by responsive IT experts who are accessible at any time via our Omnichannel communication platform, locally installed with features including remote-in, live chat and case creation at the finger tips of your staff for direct access to our IT professionals.

They have an IT issue, simple, click a button, create a case and GreenEcho will be with you momentarily.

Strip Away the Complexity

We make working with our IT experts as easy as possible, doing more through simplicity and technology provides the acceleration you need to explore growth without the worry of the technological how.

Our Fully Managed IT Services include 5 Core Modules:

Deploying the finest IT-health monitoring tools that continuously analyze the performance, security, and capacity of your IT systems. Performance risks are identified early and often rectified before an issue is noticed.
Routine maintenance and updates are integral to stable IT platforms. This includes installing security patches, updating software and hardware, providing technical support, as well as offering design enhancements and hardware obsolescence schedules.
Maintain an impenetrable antivirus software, firewalls, web filters, and intrusion prevention and detection systems to ensure the highest degree of leading-edge IT security.
Provide businesses with access to cloud computing solutions such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), maximizing IT infrastructure performance while controlling costs.
Managed IT service providers can provide businesses with automated data backups and disaster recovery solutions to ensure that any lost or damaged data is quickly recovered by the GE team.

Advanced Customizable Systems

Companies have different IT needs ranging from rudimentary to sophisticated, and mission critical systems. We configure powerful, reliable support with our expert technicians who know how to implement the best solution for your IT systems.

Our professionals and platforms are proactively monitoring your system, ready to engage at a moment’s notice to keep your infrastructure safe from intruders, malware and prevent your data from ending up on the dark web. Green Echo will ensure your software versioning is real-time, and when needed, be on site to rebuild systems, provide in person updates or install new systems. We can do this for you and your team by being accessible anytime, anyway.

Accessible Anytime, Anyway

Communicating with GreenEcho is easy and the “how” is up to you. Whether you prefer text, chat or a phone call, our Omnichannel communication systems allow your entire company to connect with our Helpdesk however they prefer.

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