Benefits of Managed IT

GreenEcho Omnichannel SmartSourcing

Gain an edge with our fully managed IT solutions – powered by best-in-class tools, monitored by IT experts and advanced systems, and integrated with world-class 24/7 IT management services and end-user support. We invest the time to gather the proper information to truly learn and understand your unique business needs before scoping requirements, including functional needs, cost, manageability, and more.


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Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Infrastructure and Support to GreenEcho:

24/7 support of your business’s most critical systems facilitates the re-allocation of finite resources and mindshare to growing your customers and their satisfaction.

Our IT professionals can be reached by any method of communication, i.e., text, chat, email, phone or video call.

GreenEcho deploys the most modern IT security solutions to protect against data breaches, malicious software, and is always monitoring the latest cyber threats.

Whether IT leadership is supplementing internal capacity to extend their IT department’s reach or a business decides dedicated resource is not adequate and chooses to fully outsource IT management, GE’s IT services are reliable and cost-effective.

GE pricing models facilitate definitive, predictable budgeting.

Access the latest IT platforms without the capital expenditure in expensive hardware or software.
You aren’t simply hiring a person into your organization; you are plugging into a sophisticated network of constantly evolving IT expertise that keeps your firm protected and ready for anything.

GreenEcho SmartSourcing Seeds Business Growth

GreenEcho managed IT services are cost-effective and leverage decades of IT expertise amassed by deploying and supporting the latest technologies for some of the fastest growing and largest companies in North America.

We offer fully managed IT services that function as your external IT department. We take care of monitoring, managing, and strategizing your entire IT infrastructure. Our expert team covers IT support, network administration, software management, data security, and overall tech needs. SmartSourcing provides all of this at a predictable fixed fee that aligns with your IT budget.

Leverage our experience and knowledge to insulate and streamline your IT infrastructure. And, you can focus on what you do best:

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