Customer EngagementTransformational Customer Interactions – Next-generation intelligent and scalable CRM is fundamentally cloud aware, if not 100% cloud based, with open interfaces for integrating with other related services, such as collaboration; content, such as product specifications, or customer data; and network information, such as device location and user presence (whether a user is online and available to help solve problems).

The net goal is to deliver simple and immediately useful technology that supports natural human interactions for end users, that can be easily managed by IT, and that drives continuing business value. Whether they are delivered as pure cloud services or a hybrid combination of cloud delivery and on-premise deployments, next-generation CRM solutions are far more than the sum of their parts.

Our CRM solutions include:

Scalable, Intelligent CRM

Cloud-based technologies are redefining the value proposition of CRM systems. Legacy systems restricted the flow, visibility and access to information about the customer interaction within the enterprise. Today’s tools, properly designed, bring real-time analytics from customer interactions directly to decisions makers.

Outsourced vs Insourced Solutions

GreenEcho combines the immediacy of cloud-based technologies with outsourcing expertise to evaluate non-core mission operations and assist in lowering overall operational costs.

Customer Experience Management

GreenEcho works with companies to design and implement Salesforce Service Cloud® technology solutions that improve both the customer and agent experience. We are unmatched in our field when it comes to customer experience management.