Outsourced vs Insourced Solutions

We have the knowledge to know which path works best with your company

GreenEcho combines the immediacy of cloud-based technologies with outsourcing expertise to evaluate non-core mission operations and assist in lowering overall operational costs.

Outsources vs Insourced

The solution may be in-sourced where GreenEcho takes responsibility for the cost, management and day-to-day employment of a division on-site. If out-sourced is the appropriate method, then we will select a proven outsource firm to partner with. We have the experience and global reach to become a trusted member of your organization’s service delivery team.
Customer contact channels include:

Customer Acquisition

Continually expanding your customer base is vital for success. GreenEcho can help you improve your Customer Acquisition and maximize prospect conversion rates, boost the bottom line, and gain important market intelligence.

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction and loyalty is critical to any businesses’ success. GreenEcho can enhance your Customer Service and build and maintain customer relationships through high-quality customer contact and resolution. Customer service options include:


Companies increasingly struggle to deploy the accessible, trained resource needed to adequately support their installed technologies. As these technologies are pushed further into the field with the exciting deployment of mobile, there are even more mission critical and geographically disbursed technologies to support. Our people, process and technology will improve the quality and enhance the responsiveness of your helpdesk, while providing a single point of accountability and complimenting your IT department.

Technical Support

Whether you use our fully trained Technical Support agents or your in-house Technical Support Department, GreenEcho can provide tools that allow for rapid problem-solving and deliver valuable feedback, which helps avoid costly service cancellations and product returns.
We provide you with integrated tools and services for Technical Support including self-help and live support (Internet chat, email, voice) for software and hardware support, installation support, troubleshooting, RMA handling, warranty determination and claim verification.