Helping the Church continue worldwide growth by meeting its technology needs using


The Church formed and organized December 2010, and quickly needed to track various records ranging from event registration to financial contributions. As the Church grew, the need grew for a consistent, centralized, more efficient and customizable way of handling records for households. The growth in visitors to their outreach website became an even larger initiative, requiring the ability to track interest and initiate targeted campaigns for communication with them.


The Church choose to go with to meet those needs. As both their membership and outreach programs grew, communication was a priority and they needed to have a way to identify their members as distinct from non-members. For example, allows them to customize registration for member events such as their annual Church convention, eight summer camps, winter sports and family activities, regional activities, educational seminars, ministerial conferences, etc. It also allows them to distinguish the new, non-member contacts who express interest in their outreach website, to follow their level of involvement and interest, and to organize communication campaigns with those new contacts.

Results became the Premier resource for the Church to help assist in the continued growth of their Worldwide Association. GreenEcho is the continued partner that works with the Church, in their ongoing and growing effort for advancement of their technology landscape.

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