Our Consulting Methodology

A strategy to build the ultimate customer experience is the bedrock of a best-in-class company.
A sound strategic plan illuminates the fundamental choices and trade-offs, while prioritizing next steps and resource allocation. So no matter how big or small the project…this is our launch point. We then follow with the tactical deployment of the strategy, leveraging cloud technologies that deliver, quickly, cost effectively and directly. Our professionals bring an entrepreneurial, business owner perspective to your company’s most challenging issues.
Spend only what is needed to deliver the very best to your customer.

Where that requires more resource than available, GreenEcho will create a new path that generates the very best, for less.

Our Methodology is backed by results and a proven roadmap

01 Solid Beginnings

Data driven, value extracting exploration is our first focus. The nuances of your company’s unique, environmental inputs significantly influence our methods and analytics. These inputs may be good or bad, external or internal, financial or cultural, imposed by corporate directive or reactions to market changes, but they must all be harnessed for one ultimate purpose – measurable increases in customer satisfaction.

02 Mapping to Excellence

We will build a map of proposed change that links the old to the new, where the objective is to create the next generation of excellence in your company. We listen intently to key stakeholders, to the data and to your clients, and then re-imagine their role within the newly defined strategy. If we aren’t listening, we will miss the subtle nuances that must be mapped to and replicated in a newly imagined process. Far too often, integrators force-fit your business to a technology. GreenEcho offers this promise:

“The pursuit of the ultimate customer experience will drive our solution design teams, their selection of the technology and its successful deployment.”

03 The Heavy Lifting

The epicenter of delivering transformational technologies to your business is design and development. We focus on excellence in delivering the business objectives of the new strategies while balancing the intricacies of “disruptive” technology. We deploy a refreshing, iterative, yet disciplined agile development approach that engages your company daily. We will not lose sight of the objectives.